Cordis Wedding Venue, Auckland

Marriage is one of the most memorable days of our life. We try our best to make our marriages perfect. Wedding venues play an important role in making our marriages perfect. Wedding halls are extremely necessary for you because they are responsible for the seating arrangement, stage making, photography, food arrangement, and decoration purposes, etc. There are many wedding venues all over the world but some are very popular for their beauty and uniqueness. Auckland also has some amazing wedding halls, one of them is Cordis Wedding Venue. Let’s discuss this charming wedding venue in detail.

Charming and Beautiful Location

Cordi’s wedding venue is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Auckland. It promises to provide genuine heartfelt services to you on your special day. A talented and dedicated team is always there to ensure a well-organized gathering. The staff takes care of your guests and friends and arranges perfect tables’ settings, fresh flowers, and decorations.

It has space for hundreds of your guests. It aims to make your dream into reality and makes your wedding perfect. Cordis Wedding venue services and arrangements are outstanding and always look for improvement. It is everyone’s dream to marry here in Cordi’s wedding venue. Many couples got married here in this stunning wedding venue.

Attractive Wedding Package

Cordi’s wedding venue has many attractive packages which you can select on your choice. Packages include reception venue hire, food items, white linen napkins, beautiful table cloths, comfortable chairs, beautifully designed stage and floor, stunning suites for bride and groom, large and adjacent car parking, talented and dedicated staff. It also allows you to omit or add anything that you want in the packages.

Perfect Picture Venues

Marriage is almost incomplete without taking pictures and making videos. It is everyone’s dream to take pictures or make movies on special days. Cordis has some amazing and breath-taking venues especially designed for you to make your wedding a special day by making videos and taking pictures. Professional photographers are also available that help you in your shoot.

Wedding Specialists

Cordi’s wedding venue also provides you with skilful and talented wedding specialists that will work with you and guide you about your wedding planning and arrangements. They will present different unique ideas and plans to make your wedding a great day of your life. They will work and arrange things according to your order and wish. Seat arrangements, lighting, and decoration are given special attention to impress your guests.

Exceptional and separate Room for the Couple

For the newly married couple, it has an extra-special room where they can stay or take rest. Food selection for them is also special and different from that of guests. They can also get ready and take photos here in this special room.

Real Estate Investment Strategies in California

California attracts thousands of tourists every year. This can be a great opportunity for California real estate investors.

These days, especially housing investment is on the rise. Since house prices have dropped by 40%.

so investors can take advantage of attracting people to buy property, which can be a huge plus for both investors and people who buy property.

Buying residential homes or homes is not as easy as it is a piece of cake in California.

Many citizens want to buy houses, but their bank statements do not allow them to do so.

It is their strict policy not to allow people to buy a home on a loan, but they can buy it on a lease.

The leasing system will help a lot of real estate investors.

Investors can sell property in the commercial area, as buying people a top priority. When buying a house near a school, markets are often a priority.

About buying a home, buyers can also buy it for rent.

Investors can take advantage of this opportunity and include California real estate strategy so investors can easily attract people to buy a home.

It requires real effort and hard work.

To make money investing in California, investors also need to spend a lot of time looking at market conditions and real estate conditions. Continue to make attractive policies to attract more buyers to investors.

Importance of Digital Marketing In Healthcare

With improving science and technology, the healthcare industry is also shifting from analogue to digital technology. According to recent research, searching for healthcare is the 3rd most popular online activity these days. This shows the importance of digital marketing in the healthcare industry, which cannot be neglected.

To increase the patient flow, build customer trust, and create awareness among the people, hospitals and other health institutions promote their services through digital marketing. Patients also prefer searching for healthcare facilities online through their smartphones. This not only saves their money but also their precious time.

Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry

Do people often wonder how digital marketing is taking over the old analogue techniques in healthcare? Here, we are going to discuss the main causes. So, let’s get rolling!

1. Mobile Penetration

In the modern world, about 2 billion people own a smartphone. Looking at this huge number of mobile users, it is impossible to ignore the role of digital marketing. Nowadays, patients search for treatment and healthcare options online using their smartphones, instead of using the old conventional techniques. Physicians and medical students also use their smartphones for study and research, which pushes the emphasis on healthcare digital marketing.

2. Change in Consumer Behavior

Over the past decade or so, consumer behaviour has changed drastically. If you look at consumer behaviour some years back, you’ll find a lot of difference in their strategy. Today, the patients carry out extensive research online to know better about the alternatives that best suits their requirements. This helps them find the best hospital or doctor in their area, which makes digital marketing essential in healthcare.

3. Engaging Audience and Building your Brand’s Trust

Through social media, a large no of people shares health-related information and their experience with physicians. This is an ideal platform for medical doctors to enhance their practice’s visibility, connect directly with their patients, and build their brand’s trust. Healthcare digital marketing can also be really helpful in improving those problems of the patients which they are not telling their doctor face-to-face.

4. Building Doctor-Patient Trust

Healthcare digital marketing also plays an important role in enhancing the flow of communication between the doctor and patient. Through social media platforms, the patients can easily communicate with the healthcare representatives. This allows them to discuss their queries easily before visiting the hospital and as a result, better outcomes are seen.

Statistics of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry

To understand the importance of digital marketing in a better way, here are some statistics of digital marketing in the health sector. Let’s have a look at them!

  • It is estimated that for 40% of people, social media marketing has influenced their decision regarding healthcare. Before going to a hospital or doctor, people now search online for the best option that suits their needs.
  • According to a report, youngsters are more likely to discuss healthcare issues online than adults. This can be an excellent platform to educate the youth about healthcare issues.
  • A recent survey showed that about 19% of people have fitness and health apps installed on their smartphones. This shows that healthcare digital marketing can be a great option to reach out to this specific group of users.


Looking at the benefits of digital marketing in the healthcare industry in the modern era, the health sector needs to make full use of digital marketing. This will not only enhance their reputation but will also help the patients to find the best service for themselves.

4 Best ways to Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy

All the other fields, the competition is extreme and massive between the healthcare companies as well. Various healthcare companies offer diagnostics, medicines, and other health-related facilities online.

To promote their business rapidly, most of the healthcare industries today are making use of digital marketing. This allows them to engage with their patients online and target their audience more effectively. Digital marketing is the key to success for most healthcare companies today.

1. Targeted SEO

If you own a healthcare institution, you may not need the visits of people that are thousands of kilometres away. This is because the healthcare industries are focusing on local SEO instead. This increases their visibility to people searching for them.

2. Resourceful Blogs

When you learn about healthcare digital marketing, you’ll find that content marketing is its basic and most important part. Therefore, your company’s website must have proper blogs or content where patients can come around important information regarding your health business.

3. Paid Advertisements

If you want instant results, then paid advertisements are the best option for your healthcare company. Paid ads regarding healthcare business always appear at the top of search engines. As a result, patients searching for a hospital or healthcare company would probably come around your company’s website first. In fact, that’s what the company wants.

4 Email Newsletters

Emails are a great way to spread useful information about your patient’s health. You can easily give tips regarding different diseases to the patients through email newsletters. If you have something new in your healthcare company, email newsletters can be the best option to inform people.

Role of Digital Marketing for Pharmaceutical Companies

To make the pharmaceutical industry engaged with its customers more efficiently, digital marketing is playing a vital role. For consuming content, consumers use mobile devices these days. Therefore, the pharmaceutical companies have unique websites that are mobile-friendly, as most of the consumers deal through their mobiles.

However, pharma companies have certain restrictions using digital marketing and only 4% of pharmaceutical companies have mobile-friendly sites. Therefore, the pharma industries need to focus on digital marketing to focus their audience effectively.


Creating a strong digital marketing strategy for healthcare and its effective implementation is a long-term project. It needs a good amount of investment and the right team for its implementation. However, its fruits are long-lasting and can take your healthcare business to the next level.

How has Social Media Influenced Digital Marketing for Healthcare

Social media has tremendously changed our lives. Life seems to be almost incomplete without social media. Today, it is playing an essential role in the marketing of health care. A report says that about 99% of hospitals have an active Facebook page across the United States, about 80% have searched online for information related to health, and about 60% of social media users believe in social media posts by doctors or any health-related page.

Shifting of Communication to Public

Social media has turned the communication to the public, which suggest minute spending on mailings, websites, and other marketing procedures. A company before social media would connect with its customers through the mail or a website, but luckily today, the trend has shifted to forums that are public and are received by more people. This thing has dramatically enhanced the digital marketing of health care as the trend has changed to social media.

Increased Interest of Consumers in Healthcare

Social media provides more chances to individuals in controlling their health, either searching for a specific illness or joining a related group. Its practical aspect increases communications by making a stable environment, mostly unidentified, foe engaging and swapping information. Also, people are using different social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to be aware of health issues. Different Facebook pages are used for advertising different healthcare-related items.

More Instant Feedback

Instant feedback helps both consumers and organizations. Patients want quick response times from the organization to show opinions, experiences, and grievances. Online services have increased tremendously over the past few years. Consumers now order online for different products, especially when they see some excellent healthcare-related products, they request it. Also, organizations are regularly posting various advertisements regarded their products which, as a result, is enhancing their market value.

Social media about the treatment

When and from where a patient should start his treatment? Such type of information is now present on different platforms of social media. People currently in broad number search for the solutions of their health-related problems on social media. This also helps in enhancing the market of the particular healthcare industry. According to a survey, 40% of people said that the information and guidelines found on social media would influence the way they faced a chronic condition, their diet, exercise, and selecting any specific doctor. It seems that consumers are valuing healthcare-related information on social media.

Trust developing on social media

Consumers are taking an interest in healthcare, and they are most likely to trust information posted by doctors or hospitals through social media. It is because it is easier to believe an individual than any unknown organization. This factor has positively affected the digital marketing of healthcare on social media. To increase their marketing on social media, healthcare companies should ensure trust issues among clients.

Social Media as a Developing Market

Providers of healthcare are using social media as a market as the industry is rapidly shifting towards it. They use social media to collaborate with other organizations for enhancing their products market. Providers are taking advantage of social media in the digital marketing of healthcare.


Social media has influenced the digital marketing of healthcare in many different ways. It seems now that soon, all marketing of healthcare will be done on social media. Thus, social media is undoubtedly influencing the marketing of healthcare big time.