6 habits that prove: you can do physical activity on a daily basis

The possibility of being physically active may be hidden in your routine.

Some activities in our daily lives can bring many benefits to our bodies. And it’s not the caloric expenditure we’re talking about, but the adoption of some habits that can help you be more physically active. According to the publication Saúde Brasil 2015/2016, non-communicable chronic diseases, hypertension, and diabetes were responsible for 74% of deaths in Brazil in 2012.

Physical Education professional Ayslan de Araújo, from the University Hospital of the Federal University of Sergipe and linked to the Ebserh Network, reinforces that the regular, and not sporadic, the practice of some physical activity has a positive impact on the prevention of these diseases. But he warns that this alone does not make a difference in people’s lives, and there must be a change in other habits.

The question of lifestyle becomes pertinent mainly when we have so many technological resources that favor comfort within our reach. It’s an elevator that makes it easy to get to a certain floor, it’s the remote that controls the TV without much effort, the cell phone and computer that hold you in the same position – and it’s almost always at rest.

Going to the gym or playing a sport, for example, has a greater impact on your caloric expenditure. Still, it is not always feasible for everyone, and it is not necessarily the only way to be on the move. In this sense, Ayslan highlights that domestic activities come as a support to keep you active.

And walking too: is it worth walking? Yes, it works!

Shoo, sedentary lifestyle!

WHO recommends 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of intense activity, or a combination of the two. In addition, it is recommended to perform muscle-strengthening exercises at least twice a week. Concerning the work environment, for example, Ayslan reinforces that labor gymnastics plays an important role in breaking sedentary lifestyles.

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Then check out the six tasks that are hidden in your routine, and that is worth physical activity:


1 – No ignoring your dog’s “beauty” look

Have you ever stopped to think that your pet could have gone all day without moving so much? How about combining business with pleasure and ensuring the health of both? Taking the dog for a walk is a super pleasurable aerobic activity. In addition to being healthy, it helps to strengthen emotional ties with your partner.

2 – Did you know that domestic activity is also physical activity?

Who knew that such a routine task would bring you benefits beyond cleaning, right? Dusting, sweeping, or scrubbing the floor are aerobic physical activities, an important modality to stimulate the cardiorespiratory system. You can even turn on an animated playlist and work to the beat of the music!

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3 – Warning: elevator under maintenance

At home, at work, or on the street, pretend the elevator is under maintenance and give the stairs a chance! This is the most remembered attitude when it comes to physical activity options in everyday life. In addition to increasing your heart rate, the practice works important muscles in the gluteal and leg regions.

Flexibility and Strength

4 – Don’t underestimate your backyard

Taking care of the garden benefits from being close to nature and serving as a practice of physical activity. Weeding, digging, planting, watering, and raking are tasks that highly recruit the muscles of the upper limbs, abdominal and dorsal region (back). If you choose to make a vegetable garden, it still guarantees a healthy increase in your diet.

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5 – Your car also needs care

In addition to saving, you will still be doing some physical activity. Even better if this washing is done with buckets, as it will recruit your strength even more and make you crouch a few times. In addition to being a conscious way of consuming water.

6 – Washing clothes the old way

Everyone knows that in a rush, it is almost impossible to give up the washing machine. But some pieces always deserve more attention. How about using and separating some to wash by hand? This is also an activity whose movements work the muscles in the upper limbs.

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Health and safety first!

It is always good to remember that a health professional should be consulted before starting any physical activity, especially if associated risk factors, such as osteoarticular lesions and diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems. Even in the case of household or routine tasks, some physical limitations can make it unfeasible to carry out. Respecting your limits is just as important as practice.

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