Physical activities can and should be done in the home environment.

Exercise helps to strengthen your body and mind. In this particular pandemic context, it is essential to stay healthy and reduce the level of stress.

Among the measures to contain the escalation of the new coronavirus, one of the most reinforced is social isolation. Therefore, staying outdoors or going to the gyms is not recommended – many of them have even stopped functioning across the country. For those who do not want to put aside the routine of physical activities, professionals in the area teach ways to exercise indoors. Companies have also created online channels with guidelines in this regard. Keeping up the workout is critical to occupying the mind and fortifying the immune system in times of withdrawal.
Orthopedist and traumatologist Marcello Zaboroski warns about the importance of exercising responsibly. “We are involuntary quarantine, and keeping ourselves healthy and active is also a way to strengthen immunity. It is essential to avoid sedentary lifestyles”, he points out. It is necessary to respect the different profiles and age groups of “homemade athletes”.


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Low-impact exercises are aimed at seniors, pregnant women, and children. For those already used to physical activities, of regular practice, but who for the time being cannot go to gyms and parks, the routine should start with stretching and then start with strengthening activities, all shaped by the restrictions of the home, but that they are in no way impediments.

“A good tip to improve stamina and immunity is to have a good diet. And using training apps can also help to take care of the body in a healthier way. But it is worth remembering that, before starting any physical activity, the person cannot have medical restrictions or contraindications,” warns Marcello.

“The moment of quarantine invites us to stay still, sitting and lying down many times. But it is important to keep moving because our body was designed for this. Physical activity contributes to reducing the risk of death related to heart disease, diabetes, and also helps in the fight against depression, anxiety and stress, among other psychological issues”, exemplifies the bodybuilding instructor at Selfit Academias Cristiano Costa de Sales.

“But and who doesn’t have space for physical activity at home? Suppose the person goes to open areas, such as squares and running tracks, for example. In that case, they should take some precautions, such as keeping at least two meters away from the others, precisely to not expose themselves to any contact and even to droplets contaminated with the COVID-19 virus. Each individual should take their bottle of water, alcohol in gel and avoid drinking water in drinking fountains”, guides Cristiano.


And you can replace the normal equipment present in gyms with items you have at home. “Packages of rice and beans, PET bottles with water for exercises with loads, broomsticks, towels for support and stretching, chairs, stairs and, above all, the weight of one’s own body can be used”, teaches the professional.

Startup linked to Grupo Bio Ritmo and Smart Fit gyms, TotalPass, designed a website with online training ideal for doing at home. These are videos developed by specialized professionals, which show the movements to be performed accurately to guide users on the correct and safe practice.

The company’s executive director, Diogo Corona, says that the intention is to enable people to continue exercising, even during the quarantine period. “Staying at home can generate an accumulation of energy that, when used in physical exercise, is capable of bringing benefits to the practitioner’s health. According to scientific articles, the practice of regular physical activity increases the number of lymphocytes, which they are responsible for destroying virus-infected cells, protecting the body,” he points out.

Use your creativity to work out: check out tips from bodybuilding instructor Cristiano Costa de Sales.

– At home, activities can be done that work the body completely: lower limbs, upper limbs, the trunk, and also aerobic exercises, in addition to free squats, squats, and calves

– Squat exercises, for example, can be done adapted, such as sitting and getting up from a chair or isometric against the wall

– Calf exercises can be done on the steps of a ladder

– For the upper limbs, you can do push-ups, both free on the floor for more individuals advanced, with supports only of the hands and feet, as for beginners, who can make adaptations supporting the knees together with the hands and feet

– For the back, exercises can be performed such as curved rows, using packets of rice or beans, and bottles of water

– Exercises for biceps, triceps, and shoulders can also be done using these instruments as load resources

– For the trunk, different types of abdominal and isometric boards can be made for Core strengthening, which are the deep muscles of the abdominal regions, lumbar and pelvic

For the aerobic part, it can be exercises of jumping jacks, rope, static race, or a stair-step simulating a step, up and down.
– For the elderly, pregnant women, and children, low-impact exercises are recommended, such as lateral elevation of the arms, the frontal elevation of the arms, abdominal, imaginary bicycle, lifting the tip of the feet and stationary running, always taking care to avoid falls and traumas, whether in mats, slippers, furniture

– For those who already exercise regularly, activities that can be done at home are: jumping rope, push-ups, fixed barbells, dip on the bench, board on the floor, squats, biceps, side raises and front of arms, abdominal, jumping jacks, imaginary bicycle, tiptoe lift and stationary running

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