Importance of Digital Marketing In Healthcare

With improving science and technology, the healthcare industry is also shifting from analogue to digital technology. According to recent research, searching for healthcare is the 3rd most popular online activity these days. This shows the importance of digital marketing in the healthcare industry, which cannot be neglected.

To increase the patient flow, build customer trust, and create awareness among the people, hospitals and other health institutions promote their services through digital marketing. Patients also prefer searching for healthcare facilities online through their smartphones. This not only saves their money but also their precious time.

Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry

Do people often wonder how digital marketing is taking over the old analogue techniques in healthcare? Here, we are going to discuss the main causes. So, let’s get rolling!

1. Mobile Penetration

In the modern world, about 2 billion people own a smartphone. Looking at this huge number of mobile users, it is impossible to ignore the role of digital marketing. Nowadays, patients search for treatment and healthcare options online using their smartphones, instead of using the old conventional techniques. Physicians and medical students also use their smartphones for study and research, which pushes the emphasis on healthcare digital marketing.

2. Change in Consumer Behavior

Over the past decade or so, consumer behaviour has changed drastically. If you look at consumer behaviour some years back, you’ll find a lot of difference in their strategy. Today, the patients carry out extensive research online to know better about the alternatives that best suits their requirements. This helps them find the best hospital or doctor in their area, which makes digital marketing essential in healthcare.

3. Engaging Audience and Building your Brand’s Trust

Through social media, a large no of people shares health-related information and their experience with physicians. This is an ideal platform for medical doctors to enhance their practice’s visibility, connect directly with their patients, and build their brand’s trust. Healthcare digital marketing can also be really helpful in improving those problems of the patients which they are not telling their doctor face-to-face.

4. Building Doctor-Patient Trust

Healthcare digital marketing also plays an important role in enhancing the flow of communication between the doctor and patient. Through social media platforms, the patients can easily communicate with the healthcare representatives. This allows them to discuss their queries easily before visiting the hospital and as a result, better outcomes are seen.

Statistics of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry

To understand the importance of digital marketing in a better way, here are some statistics of digital marketing in the health sector. Let’s have a look at them!

  • It is estimated that for 40% of people, social media marketing has influenced their decision regarding healthcare. Before going to a hospital or doctor, people now search online for the best option that suits their needs.
  • According to a report, youngsters are more likely to discuss healthcare issues online than adults. This can be an excellent platform to educate the youth about healthcare issues.
  • A recent survey showed that about 19% of people have fitness and health apps installed on their smartphones. This shows that healthcare digital marketing can be a great option to reach out to this specific group of users.


Looking at the benefits of digital marketing in the healthcare industry in the modern era, the health sector needs to make full use of digital marketing. This will not only enhance their reputation but will also help the patients to find the best service for themselves.

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