Cordis Wedding Venue, Auckland

Marriage is one of the most memorable days of our life. We try our best to make our marriages perfect. Wedding venues play an important role in making our marriages perfect. Wedding halls are extremely necessary for you because they are responsible for the seating arrangement, stage making, photography, food arrangement, and decoration purposes, etc. There are many wedding venues all over the world but some are very popular for their beauty and uniqueness. Auckland also has some amazing wedding halls, one of them is Cordis Wedding Venue. Let’s discuss this charming wedding venue in detail.

Charming and Beautiful Location

Cordi’s wedding venue is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Auckland. It promises to provide genuine heartfelt services to you on your special day. A talented and dedicated team is always there to ensure a well-organized gathering. The staff takes care of your guests and friends and arranges perfect tables’ settings, fresh flowers, and decorations.

It has space for hundreds of your guests. It aims to make your dream into reality and makes your wedding perfect. Cordis Wedding venue services and arrangements are outstanding and always look for improvement. It is everyone’s dream to marry here in Cordi’s wedding venue. Many couples got married here in this stunning wedding venue.

Attractive Wedding Package

Cordi’s wedding venue has many attractive packages which you can select on your choice. Packages include reception venue hire, food items, white linen napkins, beautiful table cloths, comfortable chairs, beautifully designed stage and floor, stunning suites for bride and groom, large and adjacent car parking, talented and dedicated staff. It also allows you to omit or add anything that you want in the packages.

Perfect Picture Venues

Marriage is almost incomplete without taking pictures and making videos. It is everyone’s dream to take pictures or make movies on special days. Cordis has some amazing and breath-taking venues especially designed for you to make your wedding a special day by making videos and taking pictures. Professional photographers are also available that help you in your shoot.

Wedding Specialists

Cordi’s wedding venue also provides you with skilful and talented wedding specialists that will work with you and guide you about your wedding planning and arrangements. They will present different unique ideas and plans to make your wedding a great day of your life. They will work and arrange things according to your order and wish. Seat arrangements, lighting, and decoration are given special attention to impress your guests.

Exceptional and separate Room for the Couple

For the newly married couple, it has an extra-special room where they can stay or take rest. Food selection for them is also special and different from that of guests. They can also get ready and take photos here in this special room.

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