Health Insurance for Pregnant Women

In the present era, it’s not easy to have a baby in terms of the expenses that come with the little one. The biggest expense of parenting includes the healthcare that you need. This healthcare is very essential when a woman is pregnant because they need constant care for themselves and the unborn baby. From conception to delivery, and all the postnatal care that a mother needs are expensive. Finding sufficient medical insurance that covers all these expenses at such an emotional time can be hard. 

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant soon, you might be thinking about different options to choose an insurance plan that will be enough to cover all the essential expenses. 

Here we have made a list of questions that you need to ask while searching for a perfect insurance plan for pregnant moms. 

  • Is Your Parental Care Covered In The Policy?
  • Will you get to visit a specialist without a referral from the primary healthcare doctor?
  • Are the delivery costs covered in the plan?
  • What will be the copayment, deductibles, and coinsurance that you would have to pay?
  • Are the prenatal tests including different genetic tests and ultrasound covered in the plan? 
  • How long can you stay in the hospital after you deliver the baby? 
  • Will the prenatal care provided after any preauthorization? 
  • Which hospitals and health care centers come under the insurance company?
  • Will the policy only cover the traditional delivery or homebirth and midwife services can also be covered?
  • Will You Get A Private Room Or You Will Have To Share?

ACA Insurance and Maternity Care

According to the Affordable Care Act guidelines, every small or large health insurance policy must include maternity health care as it is essential. The application for the ACA marketplace can be accepted if you are eligible. But, the limitation is that the coverage is not defined. That makes it hard for you to be sure of and different coverage options will be provided by different insurance companies and states. Do your research and compare several plans on what is covered and what is not, it will save you from any surprise at the end. According to the healthcare law, being pregnant is a pre-existing condition and there are some policies that don’t provide coverage for such conditions. 

Can’t Find Any Insurance?

In case you are unable to find an insurance plan that works for you, you are still left with a few options. The hospital where you are getting your prenatal care can offer you some charity program or you can pay for all the costs by yourselves. Most of the hospitals offer discounts to the parents that don’t have any insurance and pay through cash. 

There are other discount plans like AmeriPlan that you can avail of if you can’t find an insurance policy. It can reduce the maternity expenses to half but it is only available in a few states like Montana, Vermont, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, and Wyoming. 

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