Catastrophic Health Insurance

There is a chance that your employer is not providing your health insurance or you are currently unemployed and you can’t afford to buy a health insurance policy from an organization. In that case, you need to find some economical option to save yourself from any out-of-pocket medical expenses in a medical emergency. These plans will cover your basic medical treatment and the best part is that they have lower premiums and higher deductibles that make them a great choice. 

If you are looking for different health insurance policies, you can consider catastrophic health insurance as it provides coverage for preventive treatments as well as health emergencies without breaking your bank. 

What Does the Catastrophic Health Insurance Covers?

If you are in a doubt about what expenses will be covered by a catastrophic plan, here is a list of all things that will be paid by your insurance company.

You will get all basic and essential health benefits such as ambulant services, pregnancy, and delivery services, newborn care, prescriptive treatments, mental health treatments, pediatrician visits, rehabilitation centers, and laboratory tests.  

If you are a new mom, your breastfeeding coverage will be provided by the insurance company. In the other case, you can also get birth control as a benefit.

All the preventive services will be available for you to avail of. They include screening tests for many diseases and also immunization and vaccines. For women over 40 years of age, a screening test will be available every one to two years.

Before meeting your deductible, you can get at least three visits to the doctor for primary treatment. 

Catastrophic Health Insurance Is For?

Any person who is unable to afford the normal medical insurance from the state or the employer, but needs to have some health insurance for emergency situations should get catastrophic health insurance. If you are a healthy young individual and you don’t need to visit the doctor very often, an affordable health insurance plan will work perfectly for you. This is also great for people who can pay their minor hospital bills. 

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan? 

There are a few things that you must consider before you buy a catastrophic health plan for yourself or your family. You must know about the deductibles as all the copayments and requirements for the coinsurance will be higher if you already had an insurance plan for yourself. The premium for these catastrophic health insurance plans can’t be paid by any ACA subsidiary remittance. 

These catastrophic health insurance plans are great to get some kind of insurance for an emergency to avoid out-of-pocket payments. The applications for these catastrophic plans are only accepted at a special enrolment period.The best part about these plans is that the premiums are lower as compared to the traditional health insurance and the deductibles are higher.  

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