Job Vacancy for a Nurse Floater New York, Brooklyn, Queens, USA

If you are looking for a health-related job in New York, Brooklyn, or Queens, USA, then congratulations! Here is a job waiting for you. ENT and Allergy Associates looking for a staff nurse floater at New York, Brooklyn, and Queens, USA.

It is a good opportunity for talented and energetic individuals. If you are holding a degree related to this job, so come and apply for this job. Let’s discuss some detail about this job.

About Our Organization

ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP is the biggest and well-known organization of ear, nose, throat, allergy, and audiology in New York, USA. It has more than 40 offices and 150 physicians. Each office of ENT and Allergy Associates provides excellent services to the people of that particular area. The services that we provide include General Adult and Pediatric ENT, swallowing and voice, Reconstructive surgery, plastics of face, problems of internal ear and dizziness, clinical immunology, asthma, diagnostic audiology, hearing aid equipment, and sleep and CT services.

We are connected with The Mount Sinai Hospital to collectively diagnose and treat different diseases of the neck and head and oesophagal cancer. We are also working with the American Cancer Society to aware and treat people about the effects of smoking and cancer. We are also looking forward to expanding our services especially to include advanced Immunodeficiency trials.

Responsibilities and Duties

Some of your responsibilities and duties in this job will be:

General Responsibilities

  • You will have to prepare a schedule and show the sites of the testing room, shot room and other areas to the patients within our office.
  • Investigate patients initially about their illness and make a record card.
  • Perform spirometers.
  • After the final results, tell them about the tests and the possible treatment for their disease. 

Clinical Responsibilities

  • You will have to prepare the allergy treatment rooms for the daily procedures.
  • For the treatment rooms, prepare a quin-test tray.
  • Set up syringes, gauze, alcohol and serum trays for allergy shot rooms.
  • When needed you will have to fill testing trays.
  • Also, you must prepare and implement the anaphylaxis protocol.
  • You have to set up Banyan Kit when needed.
  • Must look after post-injection resting rooms.
  • Prepare the patient’s information brochures.
  • You will have to attend telephone calls and direct them accordingly.

Office Responsibilities

  • Helping the senior nurse and look after the daily status of supplies.
  • Taking care of allergy serums.
  • You should prepare medical-related things like syringes, quin tests, spirometry mouthpieces.
  • You must review the stock rooms.
  • You will have to inform physicians about the patients being referred to them.
  • Look after the files and other necessary documents of the office.

Required skills

You must have the following skills to work as a Nurse Floater at New York, Queens, or Brooklyn, USA:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • You must have the potential to handle a large number of patients.
  • You should know how to work in a team.
  • Good communication skills.
  • The license in LPN or RN.

Benefits for You

You will be given a good competitive salary. Along with an attractive salary, we will give you other health benefits. We have good teammates and the environment to work in. Car schemes and packages are also provided by us.

For more information contact us on www.entandallergy.com

If you have the required skills and potential for this post, click on the link below.


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