Job Vacancy for Chief Nursing Officer Virginia, USA

The Dominion Hospital in Virginia, USA has announced a post of Chief Nursing Officer (CNO). If you are a qualified and talented person and looking for a health-related job, then you are in the right place!

As a chief nursing officer, you’ll have the authority to provide leadership and direction to the nursing practice and patient care activities. The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for developing a culture and environment that focus on patient safety, employee engagement, and better patient experience.

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The Dominion Hospital

Dominion Hospital is a qualified mental health care facility in Virginia, USA. Our hospital has a professional and highly-qualified staff consisting of the best surgeons, nurses, quality pharmacists, physicians, etc. We have a goal to serve the public professionally and provide them with the quality treatment they deserve.

The Dominion Hospital is operating for more than 30 years and has set a high standard for the treatment of its customers suffering from diseases such as eating disorders, anxiety, depression, self-injuries, etc. While working with us, you’ll find it easy and comfortable and enjoy our company.

Major Responsibilities and Outcomes

  • Strategize and present processes for better and improved clinical services, patient safety, and outcomes
  • Promotes the use of medical technology in the hospital for accurate results of the tests
  • Consultation with the staff members for the effective implementation of the medical policies
  • Ensure patient safety and present models for their better care
  • Assign financial needs and human capital for the improvement of various processes and activities in the institution
  • Aware all the nurses and staff about how to satisfy the customers and its importance
  • Act as an active member of the executive team, build a trustful relationship with all the stakeholders, and clear their strategic position to them

Job Details

  • Location: Falls Church, Virginia, USA
  • Job Function: Chief Nursing Officer
  • Employment type: Full-time
  • Description shift: No shift

Experience and Qualification

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
  • Master’s Degree in Nursing or related field
  • Working experience of 5+ years in clinical nurse management

Skills and Abilities Required

  • Excellent communication skills to engage with the customers and understand their perspective
  • The ability to recognize the long-term effects of a decision
  • Skilled in handling multiple projects or assignments with great attention
  • Able to present ideas for the solution of various issues in the workplace

So if you have the required abilities and feel you are the best candidate for the post, click the link below and submit your application.


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