Global Health Issues in 2020

With the start of the new decade, the World Health Organization has released a list of significant health problems worldwide in 2020. This list is made by public health and health policy experts around the world. It is a famous saying that health is an investment in future.

Most of the countries invest in their defence sector heavily, but they need to realize that investing in the health sector is as important as anything. Protecting your people from a virus attack is as precious as from a terrorist attack.

List of Major Health Issues in 2020

Although there has been a massive improvement in the healthcare industry over the past few years. Still, some health problems need to be addressed in 2020. Let’s take a look at them!

1. Effects of Climate Change on Health

Climate change has got a massive impact on our health and can cause serious health risks.   Natural disasters further worsen the condition and lead to diseases such as skin cancer. Therefore, climate change must be addressed adequately by world leaders.

2. Providing Healthcare to Nations in Crisis

Controlling bugs in countries that are hit by a disaster or are in crisis can be difficult. Lack of medical facilities and professionals can further increase the problem. Institutions like WHO and other health organizations need to address these problems of the countries in crisis and help them out.

3. Availability to Medicines and Vaccines

Let me tell you an amazing fact that about one-third of the world population doesn’t have access to vaccines and standard medicines. This puts millions of lives at risk and is a serious point to ponder for world leaders. It must be the priority of health organizations to make these vaccines and medicines available to them.

4. Preventing Communicable Diseases

According to an estimate, more than 4 million people die due to communicable diseases each year. This need to be decreased which is only possible if the suffering countries effectively invest in the health sector. This will improve the quality of treatment and hence, prevent the disease.

5. Preparing for Epidemics

Sudden disease outbreaks are very hard to control and put millions of lives at risk. Take a look at the coronavirus outbreak in China that caused thousands of deaths and is still un-preventable. This is a significant concern for the health departments and needs to be addressed properly.

6. Access to Healthy Food

Numerous diseases are caused by unhealthy and junk food worldwide. The nations must stand up and provide a better and healthier food policy to the affected people.

7. Investing in Healthcare Organizations and Workers

Health workers and health professionals all over the world are underpaid due to which there is a shortage of healthcare workers. They need to be paid appropriately so that they can work from the core of their hearts.

8. Building Trust between Public and Healthcare Institutions

Misunderstanding between public and health institutions regarding health issues is harmful. Proper education and campaigns must be run to finish this mistrust.

9. Use of Modern Innovations and Technology

Today, various innovative machines are used to treat different diseases. Along with its benefits, it has some disadvantages from which the public must be protected, such as the x-rays from various machines.

10. Healthcare Policy

Last but not least, a proper and effective healthcare policy must be planned and implemented. This will help to address the major healthcare issues worldwide in 2020.

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