Healthcare vs health insurance

We often interchangeably use the terms of healthcare and health insurance, but they are not the same. Healthcare is about visiting your doctor, getting prescriptions and preventive medicines. On the other hand, health insurance provides coverage for your medical bills. 

Most people need healthcare, but not all of them possess health insurance. The ones who have health insurance have got it from their organization or government. People don’t seem to care too much about their health insurance when they should be worried about it. 

It is important for you to know what healthcare is, and how it differs from health insurance. Before you choose a policy, get to know the similarities and differences between the two. 

What is Healthcare?

When you get help from a licensed and trained professional to restore and maintain your physical, emotional and mental well being, this is called healthcare. It includes different levels of treatment that can be primary, secondary, tertiary or even quaternary depending on your health. Healthcare doesn’t only consist of traditional medicine, it also covers other fields like pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, and nursing. 

The advancements in recent years have taken this field to significant growth. The healthcare industry involves doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and even hospital systems. When their rates go higher, it directly affects the rates of health insurance as they have a direct link.

The medicines and ailments, as well as guidance for prevention of the illness, are provided by respective healthcare professionals.  

Types of Healthcare

The following are types of healthcare. 

Primary Healthcare

The symptoms and medical concerns are addressed at this level of healthcare. It is the most recognizable type. 

Secondary Healthcare

This is the stage when your healthcare refers to your case to a specialist in the field. Now an expert will take care of you.

Tertiary Healthcare

In case the patient needs extra care and hospitalization is required, they will be referred for tertiary care. Here the patient will be treated with special equipment and expertise. 

Quaternary Care

It is only provided by certain high-level hospitals, as it is the extension of the previous level. 

What Is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a system to cover your medical expenses. Experts planned this insurance to absorb the healthcare costs, they include routine examination, surgeries, accident treatment, and even life-threatening illness cure. When you are insured, all the expenses you spent on your health are reimbursed. 

Different companies have different criteria, you can get a plan that perfectly suits you. There are options for individuals as well as group insurance that you can get for your family. 

Types of Health Insurance 

The following are the types of health insurance that you can choose according to your requirements and preferences.

Basic Health Insurance

This plan offers very basic coverage for only primary healthcare.

Long-term Healthcare Insurance

This insurance will cover your healthcare for a long time and it will pay your major expenses. 

Critical Illness Healthcare Insurance 

There is a predetermined link of illnesses and if you get one of them, your expenses will be borne by the insurance company. 

This difference might not be very important, but it can be essential if you are going to buy an insurance policy for your healthcare. 

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